Our Farm

Welcome to Hinck’s Turkey Farm. We are a New Jersey Shore family owned and operated, farm based enterprise, raising, “all-natural” turkeys since 1938. Our business consists of: our farm production of turkeys, a USDA processing plant to produce wholesome turkey and turkey products, and  retail food market and restaurant in which we “directly market” our products.

A reputation for the quality care we give our birds, our customers can be sure that a turkey from Hinck’s Farm has been given the best possible feed, water and care, backed by four generations of experience and expertise.

Our farm / plant operation is located in Glendola (Wall Township), New Jersey where up to 10,000 free range turkeys are raised and processed annually, for sale primarily through our own retail market as either fresh oven ready, cooked, or as the base product for other convenience items, such as turkey salad, soups, potpies, croquettes, turkey burgers, etc..

Historically, founder Richard Hinck, a second-generation poultry farmer himself, transformed a small retail egg business into the respected retail food operation it is today.  He started in the turkey business in May of 1938, selling his fresh “ready-to-cook” turkeys to his  existing retail egg customers. Response was so favorable, he decided to give up the egg business altogether to become a full-time turkey grower and marketer.

Developing a reputation for a farm-fresh, oven ready free range turkey, it wasn’t long before many customers wanted him to take another step; to cook their turkey. This was the beginning of Hinck’s entry into the preparation and sale of convenience-type items using turkey as the product base and focal point of this new venture. As this phase of a seasonal business developed, in 1955, a retail farm-oriented store was opened (off the farm) in a rented diner in the business district of fast growing Neptune NJ.

Although this phase of seasonal business prospered, Hinck realized the potential in offering convenience-type items to his customers; thus the beginning of his specialized catering service. In 1968, a second retail store was opened further south, in Wall Township in an attempt to be more convenient for customers and alleviate the busy Neptune store. Because the Neptune store (the old diner) could not keep up with the increase of clientele the store was vacated in 1977 and a new building, three times its’ size was constructed further north in Ocean Township.

Today, convenience items along with an array of delicatessen and gourmet products can be purchased at our market. Take out food and buffet catering represent a large segment of the Hinck’s operation, where employees prepare and serve daily, a variety of culinary items from buttered rolls and coffee to a complete five course dinner.

At Hinck’s, whether it’s farm-fresh turkey, a fresh salad, or any one of our other fully prepared products; all items are sure to meet the discriminating tastes of our customers. We guarantee it!

Animal Welfare Program

Since 1938 we have been growing our turkeys in a natural, drug-free, stress-free manner providing a safe, clean, healthy growing environment.

Our turkeys, are cared for daily by trained staff whose sole responsibility is to provide for the daily needs of our turkeys.

We believe that our open-air barns and attached sunny outdoor ranges, provide as close to a natural growing environment as possible. This hybrid housing method provides essential weather and predator protection, while still permitting us to maintain the proper level of bio-security, as well as a clean food and water sources.

Our turkeys are never caged or removed (trucked) from the farm for processing. Our USDA processing facility exists on the premises and the turkeys simply walk to our inspected holding areas.

We believe that a high quality, clean, safe rearing environment minimizes the risk of disease, stress, or physical injury to our turkeys and produces the best possible product for our customers.

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