Carving a Whole Turkey

Here are two excellent carving methods – the traditional, often used for carving at the dining table, and the kitchen method. As the name implies, the kitchen method is done in the kitchen and prepared slices placed on a platter and served at the dining table. Dark meat is carved the same way for both methods.

Carving the Dark Meat

    Remove drumstick and thigh by pulling leg away from body. Joint connecting leg to backbone will often snap free or may be servered easily with knife point. Cut dark meat from body by following body contour carefully with knife.

    Place drumstick and thigh on cutting surface and cut through connecting joint.

    Tilt drumstick to convenient angle, slicing down toward cutting surface

    Hold thigh firmly on cutting surface with form. Cut slices evenly and parallel to bone

Carving the White Meat

Traditional Method:

    Hold Turkey breast firmly on cutting surface with fork. Place knife parallel and as close to wing as possible. Make deep cut into breast cutting toward ribs. This makes a base cut. Each breast slice will stop at this horizonatal base cut.

    Slice breast by carving downward, ending at base cut. Keep slices thin and even

Kitchen Method:

    Hold turkey breast firmly on cutting surface with fork. Using a sharp knife, carve each breast half away from ribs by cutting along keel bone and rib cage.

    On cutting surface, carve each breast half into thin, even slices against grain of meat.

    For a downloadable version of these instructions, click here.