Fresh & Frozen Turkeys

Our retail store has freezer selections of the homemade products we carry.

Our farm has many products available for corporate and bulk orders. Quantities can vary with the time of the year. Please call our farm at (732) 681-0508 for the latest product listing and arrange to pick up or have your order shipped.

Boneless Turkey Breasts
Turkey Legs and Wings
Turkey Thighs
Turkey Pot Pies
Turkey Meatloaves
Turkey Croquettes
Turkey Chili
Turkey Burgers
Turkey Sausage
Turkey Hams

With 8% more protein than chicken or beef and 0% saturated fat*, Turkey is the perfect protein. The delicious, versatile meat alternative is perfect for the high-protein, low-carb diets that are rapidly changing our eating habits.

*USDA Nutri-facts, 2003 3 oz. skinless chicken breast, 3 oz. top loin steak, trimmed of visible fat vs. 3 oz. skinless turkey breast.

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